Frequently Asked Questions


What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is specialised type of therapy that uses a range of interventions to effectively treat sexual problems/anxieties.

how many sessions do i need?

It really depends. Sometimes all you need is reassurance and basic advice. Sometimes the problem is more complex and we need a few sessions to explore. 

how much does it cost?

In-person sessions cost £70.

do i need to attend with my partner?

Sexual problems are not one person's problem or fault. They are the relationship's problem. The partner may be negatively affected by the problem more than the person who seems to be 'having' the problem. I often encourage my clients to attend as a couple when possible. Of course you can chose to attend by yourself if you prefer or feel more comfortable that way (or if you are not in a relationship).

I am not sure if i need sex therapy. what should i do?

It is easy. Just call me on 07515342585 or drop me an email ( We will have a brief chat and then you can make your decision.  

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